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European Garden Living

We are proud to introduce our wooden architecture collection for gardens, designed and built in Europe. Your garden is a place where you can take a little time out — a space to escape and entertain. Immerse yourself in a contemporary European-style garden.

Whether you’re keen to transform your garden into a space to wine and dine or simply a calm and tranquil place, we have everything you need to tailor it to your taste!

Our Vision
Our Vision
Comfort and European Style
Our goal is to provide you with an inspiring environment for years to come. Our collection creates a harmonized look suitable for any style of garden. Relaxing in a perfectly decorated garden in the European style – why not?
and excellence
Building on the successes of the past, we strive to push the boundaries of the garden world. We envision you sitting and relaxing in your garden, enjoying our highest-quality product for years to come.
We use the best materials available
We use the best materials available. Environmentally acceptable timber is carefully selected for all our products. European Garden Living creates designs inspired by the classics, contemporary trends and urban living to bring you products that define your garden with a European touch.

Our Garden Collection

Take a look at our garden collection. Garden furniture not only helps create a liveable outdoor space, it also transforms the way you think about using that space. Whether it is a peaceful family barbecue or an evening’s entertainment, a secret suntrap or seat in the shade, our garden collection follows European trends in contemporary and urban styling.

European Garden Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Our beautiful fence panels are manufactured using responsibly farmed and treated European Spruce. Easily deployed in border applications or as a special garden feature. 

Garden Structures

An array of beautiful pergolas, gazebos, and other unique elements to create your own garden life. Incorporate distinct style and quality into your own gathering, resting, and transition garden spaces.

European Garden Living - European Garden Elements
Flora Planters - European Garden

European Planters

Add a stylish touch to your garden living spaces with our Flora Planter collection.  Both the sturdy Diamond Trellis and Horizonta will look superb flanking a walkway or as standalone elements.  Our planters are designed to elegantly compliment your garden life!