Da VinciThis classic panel draws on the work of one of the greatest artist in history: Leonardo da Vinci. His art was derived from rediscovery of classical Greek styles, which can be observed in the aesthetics of this panel, which combines strength with elegance.
KlimtThe Klimt fencing panel is an attractive panel with horizontal slats complemented by a handmade wooden flower. This fine decorative fence is a great way to protect your privacy without compromising the beauty of your garden. Just like Klimt’s art, this fencing panel shows off your garden with a warm mosaic touch. The horizontal slats are finely grooved and then fixed into a strong frame.
MunchThe Munch picket fence has a profiled finish, perfect for creating a premium look on a classic design. This small classic fence is perfect for marking out boundaries while keeping the space open in a Scandinavian way. A matching profiled gate is also available to create a coordinated border for your garden.
PicassoThe Picasso fence panel is made from sturdy horizontal slats and a horizontal hand-made square trellis top. Drawing upon the cubist aesthetics of Picasso, a combination of different geometrical symbols is visible in this panel style. The Picasso will provide you elegant privacy for your Garden Living.
Van GoghThe Van Gogh is truly an eye-catcher with its unique style of panel, with a domed top and sturdy, planed horizontal slats that are secured into a strong rebated frame — just the way Van Gogh used shape to create his bold art. This panel shows off a contrast between the horizontal slats and rounded section with a diamond trellis.
WarholThe Warhol fence is a plank fence panel with a visual element added—here the Stars and Stripes. The flag adds an artistic pop culture touch to this contemporary panel. The Warhol panel provides the ultimate privacy, making it our most substantial and durable panel.