AdelaideUnique by design, the Adelaide provides an intimate gathering spot and beautiful feature in your garden
AmbrosiaThis simple European picnic table is one of our founders favorites, and a great spot to gather and share a meal in the garden
AphroditeThe Aphrodite arbor with the bench is a fantastic place to sit and relax while enjoying your garden. Aphrodite is a graceful structure with an attractive bow shaped roof. Ideal for contemporary and traditional gardens alike. This structure creates a timeless elegance. Sit down and enjoy your Garden Living.
ApolloAn ideal location for hanging flower baskets and bird feeders, this traditional patio pergola is naturally a gathering space for all creatures, big and small.
AthenaThe Athena is a simple yet classic design. This focal point will encourage climbing flowers and other plants to grow naturally, creating a beautiful and alluring gateway!
Decking TitanThis uniquely attractive and easy to deploy decking can be used to refresh existing patios, balconies, or be placed in the garden
JanusProviding a garden transition over a subtle obstacle, the decorative bridge is a garden element which adds character to many designs